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smanos FAQ list

smanos smart home alarm systems explained

1. What is a smanos security system?

2. Are there any monthly fees or am I tied to a contract?

3. Do I have to install wires everywhere throughout my house?

4. What does it cost to install the system and how long will it take?

5. What is the difference between smanos smart home systems and other systems?

6. Is it possible to extend my smanos kit?

7. How do smanos systems work with accessories?

8. Which smanos system is best for my home?

9. Will my privacy be protected?

10. Can anyone change settings when having the SIM card number of your system?

smanos smart home alarm systems in use

1. What happens in case of alarm?

2. What is the maximum range of a smanos system?

3. What happens during a power failure?

4. Sensors seem not to be triggered?

5. What internet connection do I need for my smanos Wifi system?

The convenience of smanos apps

1. What can I do with a smanos app?

2. Do I pay for a smanos app?

3. Are the smanos apps with all mobile phones?

4. I have no iOS or Android smartphone, am I not able to control my smanos system?

S105 On-site alarm system

X300 GSM alarm system

X500 GSM Alarm System

W100 Wifi / PSTN Alarm System

G310 GSM Alarm System with Bluetooth speaker